Role & Importance of mathematics in school curriculum

Mathematics is a not limited as a branch of science, which deals with numbers and their operations. Some students regard mathematics as a way to score marks in exams. We must accept the fact that Mathematics occupies a crucial and unique role in social, intellectual, vocational, moral, spiritual and cultural development of student. NCERT has explain the importance of mathematics subject in one of his articles titled ‘Role of Mathematics in the Development of Society’ that “A cultured citizen is one who follows the norms of society and one who is a civilized person. A well-mannered person is always simple, original, patient, honest, accurate and disciplined. Mathematics is a subject which is exact, real, original and precise, and one who studies mathematics needs to follow the laws and rules. Thus, mathematics helps the people to be cultured citizens having sound morals.” In this way, it seems to me that the responsibility of a math teacher should not be limited to teach only his students how to solve a mathematical problems only. But it is the moral responsibility of a mathematical teacher that, along with study-teaching, going beyond the inequality of caste, creed, religion, sex, vote and gender prevailing among its students, the cultured citizens are making sound morals for the nation.

Subjectivity in mathematics is also important because if for some reason a student is deprived of understanding a small concept of a lesson, then in that entire text it becomes almost impossible for him to return.

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